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14 thoughts on “Route

  1. Love Bruge, gorgeous gorgeous city. Have been wondering where you were and whether you were in France or Belgium, you are making great time boy, don’t burn yourself out too early! So you must be around half way to Amsterdamage. Recall a very funny phone call me and Scott made to you from there…. ! Good times. Hope you are wearing lots of reflective gear you crazy bugger, in your photos was surprised to see you in board shorts and a shirt…. you need to stand out like dogs balls on the road fella! Geez, wish i could see you on skype or something. When you get to Amsterdam see if your friend has skype so we can chat. Buying a world map for Jazzie’s wall today and we are marking out where you have been and where you currently are. Even she is amazed, but she too thinks you’re a lunatic. She thinks riding a distance further than school is a marathon. Um, and that’s 900 metres from our house. Soak up those beautiful old towns, and keep the stories and updates coming. I’m checking in every night to see if you’ve left any trace of where you are or where you’ve been. God speed, love ya. Mel, Trent, Jazz & Jack. xoxox

    • The next 7-10 days will be pretty chilled, hanging out with friends around The Netherlands. I will need the rest it as I will be cycling like an eejit in Germany to meet up with friends in Hanover and Dresden. Happy days 🙂

      • Good times, enjoy the break. Give us a skype call from Larissa’s place if you can, have already contacted her on FB to try and organise. Have a wicked time. xxx

  2. Quinn I’ve got a couple of pairs of fluro lime lycra hot pants from my collection which are getting uncomfortably snug on me, give us an adress a few weeks ahead of ya and I’ll send them your way if you want them. MAXIMUM visibility MAXIMUM comfort .
    May your chain never derail.

  3. My bum hurt the moment my eyes saw those cobbles in Belgrade. May the wind be at your back, the sun on your face, ride safely where ever your two wheels take you.
    Enjoy Christmas where ever you are. You know we are all thinking of you as we sip champagnie under the shade of the market umbrella. Love David, Karen, Glen, Vanessa and Lily

  4. Just re read a lot of your journals and photos. What a shame a file crew didn’t go with you. Your looking wilder and woollier as the time passes. What planit were you cycling through in Cappadocia. Some of your photos you needed slides or skates, not tyres, I am surprized they didn’t burst on those freezing roads?. Do Australia and NZ a favour and burn your sleeping bag before you get here, no telling what you might be bringing in. I will buy you a new one and meet you in Darwin, if that where your arriving.
    So pleased to see your 10,000k on your computer. When I got to my 10,000k I was doing the count down, 9,997,98 wanted to do what you did and take a photo. Problem was it got to 9,999 and zero’d out, what a bumma. Glad to see your getting use to long straight stretches of road with nothing ahead of you except the horizon, and the curve of the earth.
    Any idea when you will be arriving in Aust. And would you like some company for a while? The bikes are definately ready. Need David to finish the new camper he started building for some home comforts though, like a kitchen, Shower, bed with doona and even a loo. We would love to join you, but dont want to get in the way.
    You are on one hell of a mission, Stay safe and sane. We are all with you in spirit.
    Lots of love David and Karen.

  5. Hey crazy malaka – I see you are already over half way across China!! Are you kidding me! A this rate you will be in Japan in a few weeks! What’s going on fella….

  6. Hi Jeremy, we camped next to you at Banka Banka Station in NT. Our two children, Lucy and Ned donated their bottle/cans recycling money to your cause… Good luuk with the rest of the ride.. Was fantstic to meet you and share in your travels if only for a brief moment! We will follow your journey with interest.. Cheers Mark and Fiona, Lucy and Ned..

    • Hi guys, it was great to meet you at Banka Banka. What a lovely little spot hey!!. If Lucy and Ned do not get to read this themselves, please give them a massive thank you for me. They have really made me smile and I hope they know how grateful I am for their donation. It means a lot to me. Shame we did not get to chat longer. Wishing you all the very best for the rest of your trip 🙂

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