27 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Your photos are amazing boy. Have tried to call twice in the last 24 hours, your phone’s not connecting. All ok? If you can drop a note when you can and I will ring when its a good time for you. Photos are so incredible. You really are a machine. Love ya. xoxox

  2. hey, hope you got a good crash in istanbul (with your bags) – i’m that scot you met who snapped yer triamphant “i just arrived istanbul” evidence. anyhoo, further best of luck, may your sleeps always be warm, and may you never run out of water or have the bug netting on your tent break.. as someone who likes to solo it hundreds of miles over mountain and river i can attest to the importance of these things… Anyhow I’m horribly jealous haha ka kite !

  3. Hey there, Just been looking through your photos – the adventures keep going! Belated happy birthday 🙂 Look forward to following your next adventures.

    Dylan is just over a month old and has started smiling – we are smitten with him (photo’s on facebook). Thinking of you on your travels – stay safe buddy XXX

  4. I am a friend of Paul Ruggles,he gave me your link.I have been following your progress,it looks like a great adventure.I plant to leave England next May to follow a similar route.Have fun.
    Tim Lezard

  5. Holy crap and wow. These latest images are just amazing. So jealous and wish I was doing part of this with you – it looks so life changing and I’m in total awe. xoxox

  6. Lordy lordy me !!! how often do you just ” WHOOOOP” out loud when confronted with some of these vista’s ? I’m finding hard to control myself just looking at the photo’s. Gasping I tell you !!

  7. Some great photos Jezza!! Was Turkmenistan really that uneventful….resorting to photos of you, your bike, and a packet of biscuits? 🙂
    Did you manage to watch any of the Olympics? Sensational!
    Dynamo’s first match of the season is 7th October….hope the pre-season training is going well?

    • Turkmenistan is a big, flat, sandy, windy hot desert where I had no time to do anything but cycle. Sandstorms half the time. LOADS of fun!!
      Have seen some Chinese footage from the games. WOuld be a fantastic time to be in London. Did you go to any events??
      7th October…….will see if I can make it back to London for the opening fixture…….London Japanese I guess. Will probably fly back from Tokyo.
      Say hi to the boys when you see them next.

  8. Hey Jeremy, big respect you are still on the road! What’s next after China? Hope you are fine and you are enjoying yourself. It suits you without a beard 😉 Keep your attitude dude and have a good trip. All the best from Chrisi (Christmas 2011 in Istanbul)

  9. HI Jeremy- no updates recentlly- all wellwith you. All at P+W have been following you’re updates.
    Hope all ok, look forward to the next installment

    • Hi mate, yes, I have been a bit slack with my blog since my lap top got stolen in Cambodia. I have another one now and am trying to get the blog up to date. Stay tuned and say to everyone at Pascalls.

  10. Hullo Jeremy should be a little cooler for you on the Atherton tableland now, Cairns on Wednesday I hope, all looking good, looked strong on Sunday and it was very hot, Chimneys just down the road. I have emailed some photos to you. Cheers and good luck on your journey, Sue and Kuhny.

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