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8 thoughts on “Charities

  1. Hello people,

    The top link is for the British Heart Foundation.

    The bottom link is for the New Zealand Heart Foundation.

    Please be so kind and sponsor me to help raise money for these two great charities. I had Open Heart Surgery as a 4 year old boy so this personally means a massive amount to me.

    It will give me an immense amount of satisfaction to raise money for the New Zealand and British Heart Foundations. Afterall, if it was not for the skills of some amazing heart surgeons all those years ago, I could never dream of attempting this journey today.

    Not only will you help other people with heart problems similar to what I had, it will inspire me to keep on pedalling towards New Zealand as it makes the effort worth while.

    All donations are so gratefully received and every little bit counts.

    Thank you so much.


    • Glad you love it Paulette. All those years ago you and Julia were the first people to make me smile following the surgery as you raced me around the hospital in my wheelchair. I will never forget :).

  2. Jeremy, I may be a little premature, but I notice your route into NZ starts in Dunedin, which oddly is where we live these days. We would love to see you and if you need a bed, meal, bath or whatever etc please contact us 0277102879, 034771641,
    Your doing an amazing thing!
    James (T5) Clark

    • The Big JC. Good to hear from you. Will definitely come see you when I get to NZ. It is great to see you guys are loving life in NZ. I did not actually know you had moved back there from the UK. Not a bad place hey 🙂

  3. Hi Jeremy. My name is also Jeremy Scott, we live in Brisbane and last Sunday you and I cycled the same road from Brisbane to the Gold Coast during the B2GC cycle challenge. Great to read about your travels. Send me an email some time

  4. Hi Jeremy, a few months ago you came to my school to talk about persistence and your journey. Also in the school holidays you came to my place to drop off Jasmine and Jackson, you inspired me to be more persistent (like this morning) and to use more resilience.

    • Hello Isabelle,

      thanks for writing to me. i remember dropping Jazzie and Jackie Boy around to your home. You are lucky to have such a beautiful place to live. I really enjoyed chatting to you and your fellow students as well. It was such an enjoyable day. With persistence and courage you can achieve some amazing things. I hope my talk will help you see that you and all your friends can achieve amazing things if you really believe in yourself and don’t give up when times get tough. Hope to see you again soon 🙂

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