My Story – My Challenge

Distance Cycled – 51,917km

Countries – 29

Days – 964……..job done

Hello there.

My name is Jeremy (aka Quinnus) and this is my blog.

For at least 6 or 7 years I have dreamt about and plotted this monumental challenge. It has dominated my thoughts for what seems like an eternity and finally the time for ,dreaming is over.

Back in October 2011 I nervously set off from my flat in London to start an adventure that will see me pedal half way around the globe, passing through approximately 30 countries on my way from England to New Zealand. My goal is to not only reach The Land of the Long White Cloud alive and well, but to cycle more than 50,000km (30,000 miles) in the process.

Please follow my story as I take on this epic challenge.

I hope you will stay tuned as I pedal my way around the planet. If my previous mis-adventures are anything to go by, I have a sneaky feeling you might be entertained :)


My loyal friend

131 thoughts on “My Story – My Challenge

    • Selcuk. It was awesome to meet you that day ın Antalya. I really enjoyed the afternoon whıch was defınıtely one of the hıghlıghts of my stay there. If all the locals I meet on my travels are as frıendly as you I wıll be ın for a thoroughly enjoyable trıp.

  1. Saw in Hello Korea Unification Observatory bae seong min.
    You got a very nice man.
    Safely enjoy the scenery Korea aboard a bicycle go
    Use the Google translator. There may be typos

  2. OMG! Jeremy seems I am joining in the fun rather late…. better late than never huh!!
    All I can say is YOU ARE AMAZING!!! So impressed & awed by what you are doing! Will definately be following everything, very inspiring. Kia Kaha! x

    • Hey Tash, glad to hear you are following my little adventure. Despite the odd rough day it is fair to say I am having the time of my life!! Just love what I am doing. Hope all is cool with you. Look forward to catching up when I roll into West Auckland. -x-

  3. I hope so you have a good refutation in korea from like me hahahahaha.

    Also i wish your exciting journeys finish safety.

    And see you at the brisburn.

    Byebye and good luck kk

  4. Hi Jeremy – your lovely sister has sent through your link….. wish I had been following your journey since last October – bloody unbelievable…. one hour on a bike is one hour too long for me so I am definately in awe of you – we have made a donation to the NZ charity and will be thinking of you and will now keep an eye on the last leg of your loooonnnnggg journey. All the best , Karin & Paul Holmes xxx

  5. 여수에서 당신을 만나 말은 통하지 않았지만 너무 반가웠습니다
    자잔거로 세계여행을 하고 있는 당신의 도전에 경의를 표합니다

    It was really nice meeting you in Yeosu, but not through the rain
    To pay tribute to challenge you to travel around the world and who jangeo

    Google Translator

  6. 오늘은 비가 오는데 어디 쯤 여행을 하시나요 비는 피할 곳에 있나요 ^-^

    Is there somewhere in the rain do you travel to avoid the non-place today ^ – ^

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  7. 동영상을 보고 마음에 들면 연락 해요 ^-^

    Today Whereabouts do you avoid the non-traveling? ^ – ^

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  8. Hey! Where are you now? I saw your comment. Thank you. I hope you get the joyful world travel and always I want with your race.
    If you get the good information about your bicycle travel , Send me the e-MAIL.
    Take the good time in korea.

  9. i met Jeremy September 24 under wakato-brdge .
    i inspired him and his adventure!
    i want to talk with Jeremy again ,
    drinking beer!
    onishi -san JPN fukuoka

  10. Jeremy, I am Anna. We met from the ferry heading to Japan from Pusan. The trip to Japan for me is over and I am back in Korea. Saw the pics you have posted about Korea. Didn’t even know Korea has that much beautiful places before looking into your pics. Envy you for this great adventure!!

  11. Hi, Jeremy

    Do you remember?

    I was met at the 羅臼(Raus) Hokkaido
    …October 17?
    It is the day to go to the 熊の入った家

    my name Ryota Shichida

    Where you are running now?
    Now, I came to Niigata

    I wish you success and safety of your trip!

    Good luck!!

    • Hi there Ryota,

      yes, I remember meeting you on that wind swept peninsular in Shiretoko National Park. That night was a terrible storm. Hope you kept dry and warm.

      I am currently in Sendai and will spend the next two weeks cycling towards Kyoto and Nara. I assume you have left Niigata by now

      Hopefully I will see you again somewhere on Honshu pedalling away!! That would be awesome 🙂

      • Hi, Jeremy

        Was right! That day, it was a terrible storm down the hill from the time!It was down hill screaming !!

        Ha ha ha!

        Is that, how Nara now?
        I’m Saga in Kyushu.
        Here I get that from my hometown!

        I’m in this state, pedalling  along the sea Fukuoka, Kumamoto and Kagoshima, go to Okinawa by plane The Okinawa around in about a week,

        Back to Kyushu, Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, Shikoku around And then also, And then

        My journey only in Japan, 

        Jeremy is amazing too!

      • Hi Ryota,

        I am in China now. Japan was fantastic as you know. What a place to cycle. I guess you will be planning your next adventure before too long.

        All the best and I hope it will not be too long before you are on your bike again!!

  12. i am Anna from the ferry to Japan! i thought i left you a reply at the day I arrived at Korea back from my journey… But i guess the computer made mistake : (
    Loved reading your journals and i envy your courage to take your time to travel all around the globe!! by watching you, i decided to go abroad as much as i can 🙂 So i am going to Paris at december and Austria too. Also I am going to Taiwan as an exchange student next year. Hope I can meet you when you finish your trip in Japan and before you visit Vietnam. Come to Taiwan! It is a wonderful place .

    Hope we can meet again.
    Best wishes from South Korea.

    • Hi there Anna.

      Thanks a lot for both of your messages. They made me smile 🙂 It was nice to chat with you as we got off the ferry in Fukuoka. Shame it was so brief. I am really glad to hear you are going to Paris and Austria. I have never been to Paris. Sure you will love it!! So you are going to Taiwan. Very nice!! When do you get there?? So many people have mentioned Taiwan to me. I might have to start researching and seeing what I can see there 🙂 I will leave Japan at the end of November then spend 1-2 months in China. Maybe we can meet again somewhere………

  13. Hi jeremy.
    I am louis not lewis. Kkkk

    So many times gone from when we meet first time in Busan guest house maybe August.

    So,how are you todays.

    Some times i think about memories with you.

    at that time. We had ate Dag gang jung together.(korean traditional food, like fried chiken)

    When i ate Dag gang jung,i always think about you. Kkk And we went gwang an big bridge with guest house owner. I cant forget these memories. Thank you jeremy. You’re my first forginer friends. I realy glad to meet you.

    if i have a chance to meet you when i will leaved in brisburn,i want to see you again.

    keep in touch with me for someday when we meet again. Good luck to your journey.

    • Hi there Louis

      It was good fun in Korea. The staff at the Pobi Guesthouse were great to us. They definitely showed us a good time while we were in Pusan. We can definitely catch up again when I get to Brisbane. See you there 🙂

  14. Hey Mate, I met you on my little bike trip on the road between Gero and Gujo. I started reading your page and it’s really cool to follow your adventures a little on this blog. The more I read, the more I want to get on a bike myself and explore the world 😉 Take care (and add me on fb please 😉 )

    • Hey Richard, it was great to see you out there in the hills of Japan. Did your bike survive?? Hope you finished your trip without any problems. Like I said…….if you want any help planning a trip just ask ok 🙂

  15. Hi jeremy~!

    How are you

    i m very fine kkkk Few weeks ago,i visited pobi guest house again in pusan.
    And in there i made a lot of good memory with new friends who are from forign countrys.
    And pobi’s master asked about u. Kkk

    So,like this. Wherever youre we wont forget u .

    Lastly,Good luck for your trip.

    • Hi Louis.

      It is great to hear you returned to Pobi’s. We had a lot of fun there. I also think about the people there. The girl who owns the place and all her staff were so good to me. Such nice people. Thanks for the good wishes. It is all going pretty well so far. Take care ok

  16. Hello Jeremy,

    This is Kana from China.
    It was nice to meet you, and i really admire your courage.
    Hope wherever you are there is happiness and love for you!

    • Hi there Kana, it is great to hear from you. Thanks a lot for your really nice message. How can I not smile when I read something like that. I am currently in Hanoi where I am staying with a good friend. There is plenty of happiness and love here 🙂 I hope you are well.

      • It was awesome to discover your adventure tonight at Hanoi bicycle community!!! Hope to see you somewhere in this world!!!

      • Hello there Nicole. Thanks for taking the time to write. How can I not appreciate such comments!! I really enjoyed presenting to you guys so it is glad to hear you also enjoyed the night.

  17. so much.
    I’ve have you at Sapa Market Center. You hepl me to practice english.
    My name is Tien
    I am a studying english person.
    Thank you so much.
    Have a very nice trip.
    See you again in the future.

    • Hi there Tien. It was great to meet you in Sapa. I was more than happy to help you with your English as I also learnt a lot about life in Vietnam from you. Sorry I had to leave when I did. Hope you are well

  18. Hello mate! It s me louis.
    How have you been?

    Nowadays i am preparing a lot of things for living in Brisbane,Australia,cause by this situation i m sooooooo busy. 🙂
    i m going to go to Aus at 13th March.i have just one week time to stay in korea.kkk
    Therefore ,during the one week, i will drink with my friends.Maybe i will hang over everyday kkkkk..
    Anyway now also i m really looking forward meet you in Brisbane. So if you arrived in Brisbane,you must call me through the face message.
    My facebook address is ‘’.
    Have a G Day mate!

  19. (The chances of Sina getting the appropriate visas are very slim, especially with the way things are politically between Britain and Iran at the moment. Despite the odds being stacked against him he still holds so much hope he can make it to London. You hear it in his voice and see it in his eyes. I admire this guy so much.
    If anyone has contacts with Consulates or Embassies that may be able to help Sina get the appropriate visas, please let me know as soon as you can. The British Embassy in Iran has closed and he does not get any response from the British Embassy in Turkey. It would mean so much for me to see Sina ride into London with his message of peace.)
    hi how are u ?
    im sina from Iran tabriz
    where are u jeremy
    thank you about everything(up)
    my english is so weak that u now bether than my
    by the why im happy find yor site:-)
    i love u sina

    • SINA!!!! My brother!! I cannot tell you how good it is to hear from you. After that huge earthquake in Tabriz I emailed you to see if you were ok. I must have had the wrong email address as I did not hear back. I was worried you had been hurt. Is your family ok?? I arrived into Cambodia today. It is crazy to think it was over a year ago since you got off the bus and stood there in the snow on a terrible day just to help me to find a good cheap place to sleep. You are an amazing man Sina. I shall write you a proper email soon. Love you too brother.

  20. Jeremy, thank you so much for your wonderful talk to our students today! Your photos and commentary were amazing, and you handled the questions from the students very well. Our students are definitely inspired! We will be following the rest of your adventure!

    Safe travelling,

    Students and staff
    Elementary School
    International School of Phnom Penh

    • Hi Mark,
      I had a great time yesterday, it was most enjoyable sharing my story with your students. They are awesome kids and I had a lot of fun!!
      It would have been easy to spend all day with them.
      Thanks for the opportunity to talk with you all.
      Take care


  21. Hello mate!

    Have u had a good journey?
    where are u traveling now?
    Nowadays i m living in Brisbane city,Australia.
    It is fantastic and maverouse hahahaha.
    I m really missing u.
    When you arrive in Australia, please Call me. I d like to make some dish for u kkkkk.
    Have a good day and good luck!
    See you later mate.

    • Hi there Louis. Hopefully you are enjoying your time in Brisbane.
      I am currently in Cambodia.
      It would be great to see you again when I get to Brisbane. This I assume will happen around September.
      See you soon 🙂

  22. Hi Jeremy! I go to the school you visited in Cambodia. ISPP, it was amazing to hear your story. i think you are totally awesome and I totally want to do something like this now!

    • Hi there Alina. Thanks so much for your comments. I had a great time meeting you all and sharing my story. I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed yourself yesterday. Hopefully everyone did. Hopefully you will follow my journey all the way to New Zealand. Stay tuned ok. I am about to write about my time in Laos. 🙂

  23. Hello Jeremy,

    Thank you for inspiring both the students and teachers yesterday. Some comments from the students follow ….

    I LIKE THE WAY . . .
    *you follow your dream, Athifa
    *you never get tired of traveling, Daniel
    *you never give up, Alex
    *you know what kind of animals were around you so you know where to put your tent and food, Rattana
    *you don’t have a schedule and go with the flow, Adam
    *you are a great risk-taker, Nano
    *you dreamed about your journey before you went, Chhinsy
    *you inspired me, SeoHyun
    *you are committed to trying new things,
    *you are prepared, Kanya
    *you organize your equipment, Al Bandari
    *you don’t spend much money, Zoe
    *you don’t care what happens, you just go for it, James

    Wishing you a safe and enjoyable trip to New Zealand from us all.

    • Thanks guys. All of your comments made me smile.

      Hope you will all chase your own dreams throughout your lives. With a little courage and determination you can also make your dreams happen 🙂

  24. My 10-year old son is very impressed by your adventurous trip from UK to New Zealand. You had given a talk at his school in Cambodia a few days ago. He is sharing your adventures with his brother at San Diego just now. Hence, I thought I should thank you and wish you the best.

  25. Dear jeremy
    Hello its me Louis.
    How u doing mate!!!?
    Thesedays i m working for italian restaurant which is located in Brisbane,Australia.
    But it so hard and tired hahaha. Making money is always makes me angry kkkkk.
    And so on, my english institue also almost done, it just left one week hehehe.
    After graduation my institute, i m planning to work in here during the 4 month.
    it means untill half of september i will have stayed in brisbane. However i m not sure
    can we meet in brisbane or sydney. Because near end of september i will have to move from
    brisbane to sydney to go to school hahaha.
    Anyway, whether i am in Brisbane or Sydney, i am waiting for your arriving in Australia,
    i wish that you have a awesome time and good luck.!!!
    C U MATE.

  26. Hi Jeremy,

    What an adventure! Whilst you are in Australia would you be able to talk to some primary school kids about it – face to face or via Skype? We have been learning all about Asia and to hear someone’s first hand experiences would be brilliant.

    Good luck for the rest of the trip.


  27. Hi Jeremy,

    This is Miks and Seb from the motor bikes through Indonesia. Was really cool to pass and get passed by you a couple times. We are in Krui now (22-06-13). Tomorrow we leave to Bandar Lampung. The road is very nice and good quality compared to the rest of Sumatra. There are some big and long hills, but you will manage 😉 We hope to see you in Yogyakarta and good luck biking!
    Greetings, Miks&Seb

    • Hey guys, it was awesomne to meet you both. Hope your bikes have been behaving. I am in Yogya now. Will make a visa run to Singapore tomorrow and return here on the 8th. When will you be here??

  28. Real cool Jeremy. .real fit..gotta ride w u someday. ..50 meter…Nice meeting u in Newton hawker center. Keep real safe. Cheers

    • Hi there Pian, yes I remember you. THanks for writing. Sumatra was definitely one of the best places on my trip. I loved it there. You live in a very special part of the world. I am in Australia now. All is going well. Take it easy 🙂

  29. We’re waiting for your next blog Jeremy! Oh by the way, congratulations on reaching Australia. Just have to worry about those crocs, spiders and Ozzies!

    • Gidday there Si. I will be updating my blog soon. So much to write about. Hope you Clarissa are well. It was awesome to cycle with you guys in THailand. So cool!! Yep, as tempting as it is, camping and washing in rivers here might lead to a premature end to my trip. Getting torn to bits by a croc is not high on my list of life goals!!

    • Ha Ha, Cheers for the message Si. My Thai blog is ALMOST ready to go to press. Aussie has been awesome so far. Pretty hot but nothing like as draining as when we cycled in Thailand. It was a pleasure to cycle with you and Clarissa. See you again sometime soon my friend

  30. Hi Jeremy, it was great to meet you on the Stuart Highway the other day and talk ‘cycle touring’ a bit. We are both so new at this (6 months, 10, 000km – small compared to your travels) but since our first trip last year we have a new passion and you have inspired us to continue and venture further – we may just start our overseas adventure in NZ! Best wishes for the rest of your journey and congrats on the upcoming 40, 000km!!! Deb & Dan the Aussie bicycle girls. (We talked panniers and the website I got a great deal from in the US is Cheers and good luck 🙂

    • Hiya Dan and Deb, it is great to get your message. I just read it out to Karen and David and they send their regards. It is awesome to see you girls doing what you are doing. Really, you are an inspiration and a great source of encouragement to so many girls who are unsure if they could tour on a cycle. I really look forward to cycling in New Zealand. I think it will be an amazing place to finish of my journey. Go on……do it 🙂 If I get to New Zealand before you guys I would be more than happy to give you loads of ideas. Hope to see you both again sometime.

  31. Hi Jeremy,having just read about you in Heart Life the Heart Foundation News, we my husband and i know exactly what you are going through, our son cycled around the world from London back home to NZ about 5 yrs ago, it was an awesome journey, and changed him forever {for the best}. We wish you well on your journey , Diana and Paul. NZ

    • Hi Diana, I love hearing stories of other people doing trips like this. I totally understand how your sons trip changed his outlook on life. It has done the same for me that is for sure. There is no doubt I am a different person to the one who cycled out of London nearly 2 years ago. Thank you so much for the good wishes. Take care and thanks so much for taking the time to write.

  32. Welcome to Queensland Jeremy!! Hope we manage to give you just enough sunshine to enjoy the ride and enough smiles to inspire your legs to pedal just that little bit further.
    Travel safe from Mt Isa to Cairns – bet there will be a few stories after that part of the trip!
    Paula – Heart Foundation

  33. Hello Jeremy, you and your friend met Chris Rishworth in the middle of Australia and you are on his latest You Tube clip 🙂 that is how I found your web site 🙂 kind regards Ross (also a cyclist)

  34. Hello Jeremy, I came to your website to say exactly what Ross above me said about starring on Chris Rishworths youtube video, where you gave out your blog URL, so here I am, and now you have another new follower of your blog. I’m looking forward to going back to when you left the UK and reading all about your trip!

  35. Beautiful photos Jeremy from Darwin to Cairns, all pictures are postcard perfect, and reflect the distance, remoteness and terraine perfectly. It was an honour to be able to ride that leg with you. Thank you.

  36. Hi Jeremy,

    Just wondering if you are in Victoria yet? We’d love you to come and talk to us at a Victorian primary school about your adventures. We’ve written a magazine about life and learning around the world and would really enjoy hearing about your travels at our magazine launch.

    Hope to hear from you and happy cycling!

    Carolyn (& 5/6 class)

  37. Hey Quin my computer refuses to display my email page ,so cant see if you have sent anything .The many people who’s lifes you have touched , wow must be heart warming for you , certainly is for your Mum .Huge thanks to all amazing folk that are following Jeremys journey , and sending these cool messages through to his blog site . Our Jeremy is somewhat truly an awesome guy .Awaiting your Bali entry . Hope to talk soon jez XX

  38. Hi Quin,
    Hope all is well and happy Christmas.
    Do you have an email address i can contact you on? About to head in to Java and wanted to pick your brains,

    Cheers Ed

  39. Hi Jeremy, I just saw you on Sunrise. Amazing! Will you be riding through Wagga Wagga at all on your way to Melbourne?
    Our 3yr old Dougal has a complex cardiac condition with 2 OHS down and one to go. We also cycle and have a website to raise $$$ for heartkids. Our company is called Tour de Ticker.
    Anyway best of luck to you on your quest. We are all very impressed by your resilience and you are also inspiring to those with Heart defects to show that anything is possible!
    Merry Christmas.
    Patsy Brown

    • Hi there Patsy, thanks so much for sharing your story. I can understand what you are going through. People like Dougal are the reason I felt I needed to raise money for the Heart Foundation. They changed my life and gave me opportunities in life I may never have had. My fingers and toes are crossed that Dougal will come through his heart surgery ok and life an active, healthy life. Sadly I will not be heading through Wagga Wagga. From Canberra I head south towards the Alps and ride through some big hills. Tell Dougal I am thinking of him and know I think he is incredibly brave.

  40. Hi Jeremy, Well done dude. It’s people like you who have inspired us to take up cycle touring. We’ve been backpacking for years but after meeting so many fantastic cyclists in Central Asia we decided to buy touring bikes and try for ourselves. I notice you have much of the same gear we have on the TV this morning. Must have good tast. Anyway, it’s always nice to be home for Xmas (we’ve taken a 2 week break off the bikes) but hope to maybe meet you somewhere down the road. Sharyn and Tim Nilsen

  41. Hey Jeremy, just got wind of your epic trip and wanted to send you a truckload of high fives and tailwinds too! I’m a kiwi cycle tourer too, based in Melbourne at the mo and we host lots of cyclists/couch surfers at our place in Brunswick. Give us a shout if you need somewhere to crash or you want company for some of your ride.


    • Hey Indi, great to hear from you. I love the way you are doing your trip giving the audience the chance to vote on where your wheels point. Nice one!! I am heading for Melbourne next but will be staying with my sister in Gisborne. If I find myself in the Brunswick area I might drop you a line, it would be cool to meet up and hear about your adventures.

  42. What an inspiration and such a wonderful cause. Congratulations on your achievement. I can’t wait to read about your adventures Jeremy.

    • Hi there Julia, thanks for your kind words 🙂 Looking back I will be able to give myself a pat on the back for what I have done but for now it is simply one day at a time. I have simply given myself enough days to do something like this. Hope you had a magic Christmas

  43. Hi Jeremy, glad to hear you arrived in Canberra in time to spend Christmas day with friends. Keep us informed of your travels south, and eta for Mansfield, so we can arrange to meet you there and cycle with you to Eildon, approx. 106k for a little RnR, we have put the road and off road bikes on in case you want to travel the rail trail from Mansfield to Alexander. Gisborne family, will be at Eildon and will take the drive to Mansfield also.
    From Fan Club

    • The ride has not finished yet. There is not long until I decide I have had enough and start on another adventure. Your title is quite amusing. Do you find many adventure quest cheats??

  44. Great to meet you Jeremy with your cycling friend somewhere at a road side stop on the Haast Pass Rd. We have a great photo of the two of you. What a great effort you have made and shortly will have succeeded in completing. Happy to donate to your good cause. Sandie and Mel

    • Hi there Sandy. It was great to meet you on the road as well. Brett and I really enjoyed chatting with you both. Hope your journey around the SOuth Island has been thoroughly enjoyable. I am now up in Motueka. I will rest around here for another week seeing friends and family then I hit the north island. 50,000km is within my reach. The challenge is almost complete. Lovely to meet you both 🙂

  45. Hi Jeremy,
    Met you at the top of that steep hill on the way to Lake Wanaka whilst you waited for your mate taking a break down below. We had a brilliant time in North Island too and then on to Adelaide. Been back home in Bristol a week. Whereabouts are you now? Still fit, healthy and enjoying the adventure we hope? Gill & Alex Pirie

    • Hi there Gill and Alex. I remember well chatting with you two as we enjoyed the incredible view back over Queenstown. What a stunning place!! Hope the summer is rolling into Bristol for you now you are at home. I am now riding up the North Island. Not far at all to go now and this whole challenge will be over. New challenges await. I am super happy to hear you had a brilliant holiday in New Zealand. It truly is a stunning country 🙂

  46. Hi Jeremy
    Nice to meet you at the summit of the Rimutaka incline. Must be a strange feeling to be almost home after 2,5 years. Hope you have a nice time in Hastings. I did read your blog and it is a pleasure to read.
    Safe drive home.

    • Hi Wil, it was great to chat with you guys that afternoon. As soon as I passed through the train tunnel to the other side of the Rimutaka’s it started raining. Hope you guys enjoyed the rest of your afternoon 🙂

  47. Hi jeremy
    we leave Auckland tomorrow morrning sorry we will not be at Greenlane when up get into Auckland but we know you will have plenty of family around you. Great catching up in wellington. Stay safe and well great job well done not far now Cheers David & Karen

  48. Hey! was great to drink tea with you on the shores of Lake Waikaremoana and talk of travels. Good to connect up your talk on afternoon radio with the man himself. You are an inspiration and here’s to your new life as a motivational speaker!!

    • Hi Warwick, it was great to chat with you and enjoy the Chinese Tea Ceremony 🙂 I just finished cycling. New challenges await in life. I look forward to moving on and doing something different.. Great to hear from you!!

  49. Hi Jeremy!
    You came to my school today and I just want to thank you for coming today. I really enjoyed your talk and it has inspired me to become a better athlete. I’m quite impressed by the photos and views that you took it would of been a crazy experience.
    From Oscar

    • Hi Oscar. Thanks for your great message. I would love it if you can become a better athlete. With hard work and determination you can do it! Messages like yours and the messages from the others students make me smile and inspire me also. 🙂 Best of luck chasing your goals 🙂

    • Hi there Kye, thanks for your great message. I left a message on your blog. I look forward to seeing you on the news when you grow up telling me you have just ridden your bike around Australia 🙂

      • Dear Jeremy,
        Thank you so much for leaving me a comment and a reply. I hope too I will be on the news. I hope you can keep commenting on my blog and I more hope to see you again here is another link to me blog.
        Hope to see you again
        From Kye N.G.P.S

    • Hi there Sophie, you are very kind 🙂 never forget that it just takes that little bit of courage to step outside of your comfort zone to do something quite incredible. It is easy to tell yourself that you cannot achieve something. Hopefully from my talk you can see any ordinary person can do something quite special 🙂

  50. Hi Jeremy,
    you came to my school last week and talked about your journey half way around the world which I thought was pretty amazing! You inspired me to be a better person in life and how to persist and never give up even if things occur and get in your way, like when you got to Indonesia and you though you couldn’t go on but you persisted by getting back on your bike and riding on, now if you look back it payed off. You were really motivational and I loved listening about your extraordinary adventure. I would like to thank you so much for visiting New Gisborne Primary School as I go lots out of it. Be sure to visit my blog by following this link
    From Indiah

  51. Hi Jeremy Scott,
    The other day you came and visited my school, you talked about your journey you had by a bike, you showed some amazing pictures and shared some wonderful stories that I am sure you will never forget.
    You were very inspiring and I loved how you also brought your bike in to show everyone.
    I wrote a blog post on your visit so if you would like to see that please follow this link and leave a comment:
    Thank you once again for your extraordinary talk and the wonderful things you shared.
    From Demi. 🙂

  52. Hi Jeremy,
    A few weeks ago you visited my school, and came and talked to all the year sixes and fives. It was very inspiring to listen to and the pictures were amazing to look at. You are an excellent rider and a excellent photography as well. You couldn’t get any better than that. One of the big messages I learnt from you was “you only need little to achieve big” This was very inspiring to me because it shows that you can do anything with just a sack of things and you can find amazing things and people on your journey. You really inspired me. Thank you for coming and visiting.
    From Emma

    • Good morning Emma,

      thank you so much for your lovely message and I am really happy that you enjoyed my presentation when I came to your school.

      I did learn that you do not need a lot to be happy in life. I met a lot of people in very poor countries that owned very little yet they were extremely happy. i was able to travel with just a few things in my bags on my bike and I had the best few years of my life 🙂 I met so many beautiful people on my journey around the world and that to me was the most rewarding part of it. Have confidence, believe in yourself and I am sure you will achieve some incredible things in life. 🙂

  53. Hi Jeremy,
    you did the Brisane Valley Trail by bike, right?
    Is the entire trail suitable for bikes with packs?
    On the map it looks as if the part between Moore
    an Toogoolawah wasn`t finished yet…?
    And can one buy food and water along the trail?
    Appreciate you reply.

  54. Hi Jeremy,
    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book and hearing about all your wonderful adventures. The photography was amazing and you should be so proud of what you have achieved – your long bike journey, raising funds for the Heart Foundation and now being a published author. Having lived in China for 3 years I could totally relate to your many stories of the people and the traffic. That section of your book brought back many great memories of our time in such a beautiful, but at times frustrating country.
    Congratulations on such a great effort. I will be highly recommending your book to my friends. A great read and so inspirational.


    • Hi there Prue,

      it really does make me smile to see how much enjoyment you have taken from my book. Thanks so much for sharing with your friends and family. If the book gave them half as much pleasure as it has given you I would be a happy man 🙂 Take care and I hope to see you and the kids of New Gisborne Primary again soon!!

  55. Hi Jeremy

    I’d love to talk to you about the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail if possible?
    I hope you are still travelling well.


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